Benefits of Coaching

A study by The International Coach Federation reported the following personal changes as a result of coaching:

Increased self-awareness: 67%
Setting better goals: 62%
More balanced life: 60%
Lower stress levels: 57%
Self-discovery: 53%
Self-confidence increased: 52%

A study conducted by Manchester Consulting in 2002 concluded that companies which implemented coaching had a 5.7 times Return On Investment (ROI). The following work categories had significant improvements:

Working relationships with direct reports: 77%
Working relationships with supervisors: 71%
Teamwork: 67%
Working relationships with peers: 63%
Job satisfaction: 61%
Conflict reduction: 52%
Organizational commitment: 44%
Working relationships with clients: 37%

Studies have shown that training increases productivity by 22%. When training is combined with coaching, this increases to 86%.