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By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Loss is something that one will face over and over again; what matters is how it’s dealt with. “When Ties Break: A Memoir About how to Thrive After Loss” is a memoir of Margaret Norton, detailing her vast experience with loss, as she hopes readers will read her tale and use her story to help them deal with their own challenges in life. Inspired by faith, “When Ties Break” is strongly recommended.

Through God’s help and her own courage and perseverance, Margaret not only thrived after loss but came out on top with a new energy, a renewed spirit, and a sense of worth.

When Ties Break is a book that I recommend…”
Paula Phillips, The Phantom Paragrapher — Read the complete review

This memoir will appeal to those readers who feel troubled and seek solace in reading about the travails of survivors and want to learn how to thrive again after loss.”
— Sacramento Book Review — Read the complete review

“If you are searching for answers about your own life, or if you need inspiration or reason to connect with a higher power, Margaret Norton’s memoir will show you that perseverance and determination make a person stronger.”
— LuAnn Schindler, WOW! Women On Writing
—  Read the complete review

“I could not put the book down…I admired [Norton's] straight forward method of writing, her honesty in admitting her mistakes with herself and family, and how hard she fought to turn those negatives into positives…This book will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Most of all it will make you want to continue trying, even when everything appears to be so very hopeless…It’s a great read and an excellent example of how the human spirit can bounce back again and again, and be so selfless, even when facing insurmountable hardships. “ — Reader comment on

“Have finished reading your book and I enjoyed it very much.  My mother-in-law said the same thing.  There is much I already knew, but a lot that I learned about you as well.  You are a wonderful inspiration to may people and I pray this book will open many doors for you.” — Linda P.

Coaching Testimonials
“I was dealing with a difficult divorce and other unwanted changes in my life. Margaret helped me see all my options and challenged me to use these experiences as growth opportunities. Her approach was realistic and caring. I would recommend her highly to anyone dealing with difficult changes.” — Kim K.

“As a woman I had always suffered from low self-esteem. My opinion of myself affected all areas of my life. Margaret helped me explore why I felt the way I did as well as challenged me to love and accept myself. Her personal examples and accomplishments challenged me to make changes to increase my self esteem.” — Lisa G.

“My life had not turned out as I had hoped. I was angry at the world but mostly at God. I blamed him for all the bad things happening in my life and was searching for answers that would bring me peace. In coaching Margaret asked me questions and helped me to explore my innermost thoughts. With her help I was able to release my anger and realize I was the cause of many of the problems I struggled with. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a christian coach.” — Emily N.

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